New Theessink album shortly after Evans hit -

New Theessink album shortly after Evans hit
Hans Theessink has released a new album – only a few months after presenting a record which was created in partnership with Terry Evans. Theessink and Evans produced “Visions” a fantastic album packed with groovy blues tracks five years ago. Back then, Evans said about collaborating and performing with Theessink: “Austria only gave me the best. People are very receptive and hospitable here. It is always a good experience to come to Austria. Vienna is such a great city.”

Only recently, the duo’s “Delta Time” hit the shelves. Theessink and Evans recorded it in Los Angeles, California, where Theessink went “to escape the European winter”. The Vienna-based musician has praised Evans for his “unique” guitar style and his “amazing vocal range. (He) can sing in almost any key. (…)”, Theessink said. “Delta Time” features 13 songs, including a version of the Jewel Akens hit “The Birds and the Bees”.

Theessink’s new record is a solo album called “Wishing Well”. Among its 14 songs, fans will discover several excellent tunes penned by Theessink as well as a bunch of great cover versions like “The Ballad of Hollis Brown”. Theessink – who turned 65 earlier this month – said he admired Bob Dylan for being “a master at long narrative ballads”.

Theessink explained he considered himself a “travelling troubadour”. This is more than true, as his busy touring schedule confirms. In the coming weeks, the Dutchman will perform in Graz, Braunau and St. Pölten before hitting the stage in the German city of Munich.

Theessink looks back on over 7,000 concerts. His impressive discography consists of traditional blues records, albums featuring songs which are influenced by African vibes as well as a CD based on the play “Jedermann”.


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