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Pissed and down on the street – the Modfather is going down
There is probably no other page in this lovely thing called World Wide Web that would defend whatever comes into Paul Weller’s mind more ferociously than the one you are currently visiting. However, what we would like to make you aware of here will quite certainly top many things you have seen or heard before in a totally negative sense.

Funny on the first glance, this Sun exclusive has a dark side, leaving a rather sad impression of the 50-year-old who is regarded as a legend by so many music fanatics. Only the first picture will let your smile freeze while the featured video and story details might destroy the one or other dream out there.
Only recently, Weller admitted to Uncut magazine when being asked about his lifestyle turning fifty: “I know I am pushing it.”
Now we have an idea what he was on about when he said that. The Sun article

12.02.2009, 21:35 von T. Hochwarter

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